Coming Soon...

Valerie and I are in the process of starting up an Etsy shop. This has been a dream of mine to create and sell products. I have a passion for it and decided to pursue my dreams. Why not, right? We are planning to start with custom banners for Baby Showers, Birthdays, Weddings and all those fun stuff in between. 

Stay tuned for links and pictures, but meanwhile if you'd like to take a leap of faith with us, send in an order for a special discounted rate. 

 Hope you like the name :)

P.S. I still design invitations in case anyone needs custom invites.

My diaper bag.

1. This bag I would consider a little dressier  since it's all black. It sits up on its own and its slim yet fits everything I need. Plenty of pockets for my own personal belongings.

Nine Months

Liam, you have changed so much in this past month. For one you are so mobile. Moving is all you want to do. You love to crawl on the cold tile and get into everything. You love to find the smallest spec in the carpet and inspect it so diligently and then decide to eat it. Now you have both of us looking for any little dot on the floor before you find it. You'd rather play with cords and try to climb the coffee table then to play with all those wonderful toys you have.

What I've been up to...

I've been wanting to jump back into the blogging world for quite some time but as you can imagine I lack the extra time. I knew having a baby would be new and wonderful but also a distraction from most of my projects and hobbies. And I also knew there'd be an adjustment period where I'd have to find myself again in the mist of being a full time mommy but boy I didn't expect it to take me this long. And maybe this isn't very long to some but I just had my own set of expectations that didn't end up happening. I'm a total night owl so I found it incredibly difficult to adjust to the lack of sleep while having to become a morning person all at the same time. Fast forward 8 months, I am happy to share that I have finally reach a point where I can function with very little sleep. Technically I reach this point a few months ago, but I couldn't get around to blogging so I'm just now sharing this wonderful news. So, for now I just get up and take it one day at a time. I'm sure that's what most of us mom's do everyday. Any-who...I've said all that to finally say that I am back! I had a baby, went through a long adjustment period but I'm ready to jump back into my hobbies.

Liam has changed my life and being a Mommy has taught me so much. I love this new life through the eyes of my son. He's our joy!

The Nursery.

A little glimpse of Liam's nursery.

The red anchor on the wall was a purchase I made a few weeks after finding out I was pregnant. I had a feeling I was having a boy and I really loved the nautical theme for a nursery. The gold bell was given to us by Liam's Pappi. He bought it randomly at an antique store not knowing how perfect it would be for his grandson's nursery someday. The cute little crab I found at Crackle Barrel and instantly loved it! The picture in the frame is one of Liam's first ultrasounds where we got a good view of his profile. It was a true treasure of mine. The frame on his changing table was given to me as a christmas gift last year by a blogger friend that I had never met in person. She also didn't know that I dreamed of having a nautical theme nursery.