Cake Pops

Don't they look delicious? Yes, they do!

Follow the simple directions with

Between Tennille, Leonor and I, we were able to make only 8 cake pops all while baking 24 cupcakes, cooking pasta, shredding beef and getting ready for a dinner....
lesson learned, I should only take on one project at a time!
Any who...they were a big hit at the youth party that Tennille attended that night, no matter how lumpy they looked!

We used Confetti Cake mix & Cheese Cream Frosting

One problem we encountered was that the lollipop stick would come out while we dipped it, I haven't determined if its cause they needed to be refrigerated longer.

1. Bake the cake, let it cool, then crumble it to little pieces

2. Slowly add one tube of frosting


3. Mix well

4. Begin to roll cake mix into small balls. 

5. Insert lollipop sticks and refrigerate until firm

6. Dip each lollipop in melted chocolate and let cool.
(these are not a good example of how they should look, LOL, we did a bad job)



Tennille said...

We will have to try them again!!!

Veronica Reyes said...

Yes!! I've been wanting to try these <3
You make it look so easy lol
Thank you for sharing and I agree you should try again!

Adrienne Garcia said...

LOL, Actually I am planning to try them again for my sister's bday next week!