Life on a Budget

 Here are 2 easy step to help you save money and keep track of expenses.
1. Spending Journal: allows you to see exactly what you are spending your money on. A good spending journal keeps track of your purchases, with detailed information, such as when, what and why you spent money on something.   
2. Basic Budgeting Worksheet: (see link below) this is a great tool that can help you see what your monthly expenses are.
This worksheet will totally help you get a budget started!
Sample Spending Journal

Decorating a Journal

Materials: Book and gift wrap sheet

Tools: ruler, x-acto knife, pencil and double sided tape

1. Place the book open on the gift wrap sheet.

2. With your pencil, trace around the entire book onto the back side of the gift wrap sheet.

3. Remove the book.

4. Fold in the top and bottom edges of the paper at the pencil lines.

5. Fold in the right edge of the paper at the right side pencil line.

6. Slide the back cover of the book into the folded paper "sleeve" along the right edge of the paper cover.

7. Fold the book closed.

8. Fold the gift wrap sheet around the entire book, keeping the paper tight, and crease at the edge of the front cover.

9. Repeat step 6 on the front cover of the book.

10. Add a decorative and useful label to the front of the book by printing or writing the books title and author onto a rectangle seal.

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