Card Box

Hosting a part and need a card box? Well here's a crafty and simple idea to use. Of course you can get away with just placing cards on the table......BUT......why not taking it up a notch?

Supplies Needed:
Container (Shoe box/hat box)
Spray Glue
Glue Gun

Paper (2 different colors)
Double sided tape


Measure box (My box: 40 inches x 4.5 inches)

Use measurements to trace and cut fabric

Spray glue on box (do a section at a time) and slowly lay fabric over entire box.


Use the glue gun to glue ribbon border on the bottom and top of box
(as you can see, i was a little sloppy with the cutting part, oops)



Use X-Large Puncher for accents


Print out the letters you'd like to use
according to the size of the Large Puncher
(sometimes getting the letters just right is trial and error,
but you'll get it)

If you own Print Shop, use small round sticker template!

Use double sided tape or any adhesive
you prefer to glue tags together

Use glue gun to glue tags to box
(get creative when adding the tags)

I added some tulle material inside the box,
it just makes it look nice.


(I save my cards, can you tell?)

This is one of my favorites, it was my first birthday as his wife :-)


You can also use box as keepsake box to store
the cards you got at that event!

Picnik collage

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