Decor Before & After

I've decided to turn all the black in my office/hobby room into white or pink. At Ace Hardware I bought a white primer spray paint can,white spray paint can and pink spray paint can.

First you spray the object with the primer. This helps you get the true white that you want!

I left it dry over night before I finished it off with the white spray paint...3 coats later, I finally saw the results I was looking for.

1 Spray paint can cost $3.50 (on average)

Picnik collage

Picnik collage




This After picture was taken at night, so I was depending on the reading lap and ceiling fan light. I don't like the warm color it gives this picture, so i'll try to take a better picture to replace this one soon!

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Lau's said...

hello!!! I just found your blog and so far I'm enjoying it!! God bless you! I'm from San Diego, and attend Puerto Seguro Church (UPC). do you as well?

God bless you! I need to put more work in my blog but hopefully we can become "blog buddies"!

have a nice day,