Delicious Wednesday's

I have ask my good friend, Kelly, to be a part of my blog world as the Chef! She's always experimenting in the kitchen and don't get me started on her cookbook collection! Kelly was an easy pick when thinking of who would be most fitting for this new segment!

Every wednesday she will have a new recipe to share. I really hope you all enjoy cooking with Kelly, if you have an suggestions or questions on recipes, please leave a comment!

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Quick Strawberry Shortcake

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· Shortcake

· Strawberries

· Whip Cream

· Sugar

Rinse and slice strawberries. In a bowl combine sugar and strawberries. Let sit for 5 minutes in the refrigerator. Place shortcake on plate top with strawberries and whip cream! If you have some extra Vanilla ice cream in the freezer add that to the shortcake!

Quick Tips
· Add sugar to the strawberries the sugar draws out the moisture
and makes a sweet tasty syrup.

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· For a quick and easy way to slice strawberries use a mushroom press. It was a breeze and saved me half the time!

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I complimented my shortcake with white chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate chip cookies! Everyone enjoyed all of it.

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Tennille said...

This looks delicious!!
I think im going to like Wednesdays!!