Expiration Date

Do you ever wonder if you should eat/drink something from the fridge once you see that it's at least 1 day passed the "expiration" date? Well I do! (lol) I will reconsider any food object once I read it's past the expiration date....so last night I noticed I drank some Milk that was said "Best if used by 9/5"...let's not forget yesterday was 9/8...why didn't I read that before drinking it?

First thing I did today, was google (i heart google) when it's safe to eat/drink anything based on expiration dates....I hope the following information will help you too!

What Package Terms Mean
Sell By” – This is really meant to be used as guidance for the store or market to direct them when to remove items from the shelf. Lots of shelf-stable products, like canned fruits and vegetables, have sell-by dates and you really shouldn’t purchase these products after their respective dates.

Best If Used By” or “Best Before” – This term refers to the flavor or quality of foods and in most cases, products will be safe for some length of time after their best-before dates. Packaged baked goods, for instance, often use a best-before date to indicate when the product will start to taste stale.

Use By” – Products display a “use by” date as more of an expiration date. This should be treated as a slightly less formal expiration date and is also the last date that manufacturers are going to vouch for a product’s quality.

Expiration Date” – It is safer to discard products after their expiration date. While other terms have some ambiguity, treat this one as what it says.

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