Fabric Flower Pins

A couple weeks ago I was stuck at home with a bad cold and nothing to do but rest...that only lasted awhile before i finally decided to try a lay-in-bed-project. At the time I didn't feel like taking pictures (let's blame it on the Sudafed) so yesterday I gave it another try and this time I can share it with y'all!

We're going to call this the 
"Fabric Flower Pin" Project. 

Supplies Needed:
Strip of Fabric (3 inches x 36 inches)
Thread and Needle
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric Pins
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Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

I made about 8 flowers that day and gave a few away already.
They are great accents to blazers, purses or as hair accessories!

Have fun creating your own!

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Lau's said...

wow! very nice! check out my Etsy shop, I also make hair accessories!

God bless you,