Picture Time

Another photography session to do this weekend, I get so excited when I have a session booked! I just LOVE taking pictures and capturing a family's smile, the engaged couples love for each other and a baby's yawn! It's priceless, memories are forever and photography is a beautiful way of cherishing them!

Tomorrow morning, I will be checking off an item from my birthday wish list! My husband is buying me an early gift because I really wanted it for tomorrow's session. Since its early, maybe I'll get two gifts instead by the time my birthday gets here! lol.

Say Hello to my Little Friend


For all you photography junkies out there:
 If your just starting out and your looking for a great lens to buy on a smaller budget, try a 50mm 1.8 II CANON EOS LENS. This lens sells anywhere from $99 to $112 and has great reviews too!

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