What a mess...

I get an ideas so then
i cut
i tape
 i print
i stamp
i glue

and on and on...but I don't LIKE to CLEAN up! 
(yes, i eventually do it but doesn't mean I look forward to it)

It's always fun to cook but not to wash the dishes. I wish someone (hint hint) would just walk in the room after I'm done and clean up for me!




Would you like to share any tips on
keeping up with the mess?

The only tip that I know, which I failed to use last night is:
Once your done using it, put it away!

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Keri Garrett said...

If I showed you the crafting area in my office, you'd cry. Yes, it's THAT bad. I dislike (HATE!) cleaning up, so I just avoid it as long as possible. I have no tips or hints other than to use lots and lots of small storage containers. I use a lot of them and try to keep everything as organized as possible to begin with so it's not overwhelming.

If you discover anything that helps, SHARE! Good luck!