Sneak Peak

This is by far the cutest little girl on the block!

Here's just a sneak peak until Monday!

I know this is the shortest sneak peak EVER, but my home Internet was running really slow today :-/

Christmas Village

Every year our Aunt Ruth puts together her huge village that keeps growing and growing! It usually takes her 3-4 days to set up and this year it beat the holiday's altogether, she set it up last week! 

Christmas of 2009, she added a special couple to her village, it was a couple hugging to represent Lawrence and I. We're neighbors in the village and in real life, literally! LOL. It's kinda cute to see how she creates a little world in her living room.














I have pictures to post next week of a project the ladies and I did on Wednesday with Pumpkins, so come back Monday! Have a great weekend :-)

Happy Birthday to Me.

It came and it left, just like that, I went to sleep as a twenty four year old and woke up as a twenty five year old! LOL! I can't believe how quickly my life is passing by. Celebration started early this month with a joint dinner for Lawrence and I since we both turned 25 this year. Sunday my In-Laws had a dinner for me and I got some very nice gift that day and yesterday I took the day off to RELAX. That was my gift to MYSELF! I didn't have to rush, didn't have to fight traffic, or make calls at work, just got to do whatever I wanted. Had a late breakfast, went shopping, stopped at Starbucks for a Passion Fruit Lemonade, upgraded my phone, and had a wonderful dinner at PF Chang's.

Thank you Valerie for breakfast and the cake :-)

Mom, for the beautiful watch!

Babe, for all the wonderful gifts, hugs and birthday reminders.

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Yoly, for dinner and my gift.

Flores Family, for all the gifts included one that I really needed
(a hand mixer).

Mom and Dad-In Law, for the dinner and all the gift cards and gifts.

Thanks you to:
 Kelly, Chris, Anna, Kristen, Maria, Mari, Livy, Lynette, Luisana, Mama, Patricia, Uncle Freddy, Aunt Brole, Mercy, Jennifer, Iris,
Mara, Marla, Sis.Maria, Esly, Gloria S.
 ( I hope I didn't miss anyone)

For all the wonderful gifts or your text/email birthday wishes,
your thoughtfulness is appreciated :-)

Love, Adrienne

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Happy Birthday Tennille

Happy Twenty First Birthday Tennille!
For her birthday, I created a dessert table that included a little bit of everything. It came out cute but wow, it took a whole day to put this stuff together, good thing I had help from Yvianna aka Yvi (Pronounced Evie)

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

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Picnik collage











I hope you enjoyed your birthday! Remember you won't be 21 forever, so do all the things you want to do, get your degree, become the best pharmacist that Walgreen's has ever had (besides Lawrence of course), travel the world, make lots of friends, take your vitamins so you grow old nice and healthy (LOL), don't be afraid to try new things!


Love, Nana and Yaya
(Adrienne and Lawrence)

Food City Savings

Here's an easy way to save money without having
to worry about coupons! You can also take the Food City Ad to Walmart or Target to price match.

Wednesday Only!
Gala Apples 4 for $1

Brown Onions 6 for .96

Dole Salad 2 for $1 <----WOWWWW!

Limes 3 for .99

Thursday Only!

Bone in Pork Sirloin Pork Chops .99 lb.

Beef Back Ribs $1.29 lb.

Boneless Beef Stew Meat $1.99 lb.

Boneless Beef Chuck Roast $2.49 lb.

Friday Only!

Bananas 4 for $1

Valu-Time Mac & Cheese 4 for $1

Food Club Chunk Light Tuna 2 for .88

Prices Valid Through Tuesday 10/26:
Cucumbers 5 for $1

Green Cabbage 5 for $1

Green Peppers 4 for $1

Iceberg Lettuce 2 for $1

Celery 3 for .99

Red Seedless Grapes .69 lb.

Cilantro 4 for $1

Honeydew Melon 4 lbs. for $1

Whole Chicken Fryers .69 ea.

73% Lean Ground Beef $1.39 lb


Thank You Cents'Able Shoppin for this savings list!
Cents'Able Shoppin!

Delicious Wednesday's #8


1 cup cottage cheese

2 packages of cream

2/3 cup sugar

2 tablespoons flour

3 eggs

2 tablespoon milk

¼ teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Keebler pie crust 2 extra serving

Preheat oven 325 degrees.

Puree cottage cheese in blender until smooth. In a bowl, combine cottage cheese, cream cheese, sugar, and flour. Beat on medium speed. Add one egg at a time mixing in between on low speed. Scrape the edges of bowl, then add the milk and vanilla. Blend on medium speed until mixture is smooth. Pour into pie crust. Bake for 55 minutes.

Cooking Tips:
· For best results, have all the ingredients (cheese, eggs, liquids and flavorings) at room temperature before blending.

· Always mix ingredients at medium speed, not high, to prevent cracking during the cooking process

· Make sure baked cheesecakes are completely cool before refrigerating otherwise it will go soggy.

· Don't open the oven door during cooking. If you need to, make sure it's not in the first 30 minutes of cooking.

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Picture 084

Picture 077

Picture 081

Picture 080

Picture 085

Picture 086

Picture 087

Picture 089

Picture 090

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My Family

This weekend I took my family out to take pictures. I had an assistant to actually snap the pictures for me, which was Tennille, so I would set us up/pose the group and she would take the picture. I made one mistake...well it was kinda a silly mistake, since I've been so comfortable with my new lens, I didn't think to switch! (ugh) I should know better, especially since there was more then enough sunlight out there, as a result of that most of the pictures came out a little over exposed. (sad face) I can correct them, but it takes a lot more "photoshop-ing" and time.

(I am considering a REDO!)

So glad this didn't happen with another client, LESSON LEARNED!

It took me about three hours to edit these..but I can't complain too much because I'm just happy we all were able to get together for some family pictures after so many years.

I love my family. Each one plays an important role in my life. We've been through it all together, through the joy, through the smiles, through the changes, through the tears,
through the storm and we've come out stronger!













There's always something going on behind the scenes. LOL!

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