Happy Birthday to Me.

It came and it left, just like that, I went to sleep as a twenty four year old and woke up as a twenty five year old! LOL! I can't believe how quickly my life is passing by. Celebration started early this month with a joint dinner for Lawrence and I since we both turned 25 this year. Sunday my In-Laws had a dinner for me and I got some very nice gift that day and yesterday I took the day off to RELAX. That was my gift to MYSELF! I didn't have to rush, didn't have to fight traffic, or make calls at work, just got to do whatever I wanted. Had a late breakfast, went shopping, stopped at Starbucks for a Passion Fruit Lemonade, upgraded my phone, and had a wonderful dinner at PF Chang's.

Thank you Valerie for breakfast and the cake :-)

Mom, for the beautiful watch!

Babe, for all the wonderful gifts, hugs and birthday reminders.

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Yoly, for dinner and my gift.

Flores Family, for all the gifts included one that I really needed
(a hand mixer).

Mom and Dad-In Law, for the dinner and all the gift cards and gifts.

Thanks you to:
 Kelly, Chris, Anna, Kristen, Maria, Mari, Livy, Lynette, Luisana, Mama, Patricia, Uncle Freddy, Aunt Brole, Mercy, Jennifer, Iris,
Mara, Marla, Sis.Maria, Esly, Gloria S.
 ( I hope I didn't miss anyone)

For all the wonderful gifts or your text/email birthday wishes,
your thoughtfulness is appreciated :-)

Love, Adrienne

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Lynnette said...

Hope your birthday was wonderful! :) love you! Happy Birthday!


Adrienne Garcia said...

Thanks Lynnette :-)