My Family

This weekend I took my family out to take pictures. I had an assistant to actually snap the pictures for me, which was Tennille, so I would set us up/pose the group and she would take the picture. I made one mistake...well it was kinda a silly mistake, since I've been so comfortable with my new lens, I didn't think to switch! (ugh) I should know better, especially since there was more then enough sunlight out there, as a result of that most of the pictures came out a little over exposed. (sad face) I can correct them, but it takes a lot more "photoshop-ing" and time.

(I am considering a REDO!)

So glad this didn't happen with another client, LESSON LEARNED!

It took me about three hours to edit these..but I can't complain too much because I'm just happy we all were able to get together for some family pictures after so many years.

I love my family. Each one plays an important role in my life. We've been through it all together, through the joy, through the smiles, through the changes, through the tears,
through the storm and we've come out stronger!













There's always something going on behind the scenes. LOL!

Picnik collage

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Mary Frances said...

Heeeey!! I just found your blog and LOVE it!!! Cute pictures!!! If you have a chance come check mine out and follow me...I'm following you now! :)
It's fun, humorous, uplifting and I update daily!!! :)