The Garcia's

This weekend Lawrence and I went out to take some holiday pictures. I had searched for a photographer to do our session but WOW they are really expensive, as much as I love their work, I just didn't want to pay the price tag ($300 is kinda a lot). Also I was specifically looking for someone that gave the CD with the after a couple dead ends, I asked my brother to just take them, I figured I could guide him and I would edit.

To my surprise (Yes, Chris I didn't know what to expect!) Christopher did this all on his own! I wanted a sunset landscape so I figured we could drive towards Verrado in Buckeye BUT the sun was about to set and I know once the sun hits the White Tanks Mountains its only about 15 mins before its totally gone!

I asked Lawrence to pull over on the side of the street, he thought I was joking...BUT I was serious, I didn't get all dressed up and curl my hair to lose my sunset LOL, so he did and these are the pictures we got as a result.













.....I totally forgot to switch shoes in the car (sad face), I guess that's what happens when your in a hurry!


Anonymous said...

they came out great for being in a hurry good job...Becky H.

Adrienne Garcia said...

Thanks Becky!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow BFF!!! Those are awesome and ur hair looks gorgeous! You and Lawrence are such a handsome couple:) I didn't think anything about your shoes; it just looks like u:) Anyways, love the pix! ~Mary-Elizabeth

Adrienne Garcia said...

Thanks a bunch Miss.Mary!!!

Laura Berrier said...

I know what you mean about wanting to get pictures done, but not able to justify the price when you have the equipment yourself! This weekend my husband and I are planning to get pictures done by a friend who has assisted me on some weddings, and in return I am planning to do a session for his family. :) Your session turned out great!!

Adrienne Garcia said...

Yes, that is exactly how I felt! lol. I can't wait to see how your session turns out! It's good to have friends in the business!