Joy to the World.

I am back into the craft world...feels good! lol. I miss doing this stuff, but with so many photo sessions, I don't have that extra time to make a mess in glitter and glue all the time. Last week I was surfing the blog world and ran into this idea, so I can't take all the credit for this oh-so-cute holiday magnet!

The paper mache letters are $1.77 at Hobby Lobby, since I wanted to make a pair and didn't want to pay $10 just in letters, so I bought the foam paper to trace over. One large foam paper can make up to 4-5 letters. One scrapbook paper can make 3 letters.

Martha Stewart glitter pack $3.99 - 40% off with
(one bottle made 3 letters, so the whole pack can make 9)

Paper Project
Foam Paper
Scrapbook paper
Magnet Strip


Let's start with the paper one.

I decided to trace the paper mache letters on some cool Christmas scrapbook paper.


Make sure you turn the letters opposite because then you'll end up with a backwards letter like I did. LOL!


Also trace on the foam paper and cut both to get a 2 sets of the word "Joy"
Now just Glue the paper to the foam paper (simple right?)


Cut the magnet strip and place were you feel it will be needed.


Add a heavy object so both magnet and glue can dry flat.


Glitter Project
Paper Mache Letters
Spray Glue
Magnet Strip


I started with the Mod Pod but I noticed that the glitter was clumpy so I did away with that and took out my handy dandy spray glue instead.


Be careful with spray glue, it can get everywhere. Spray a sections at a time and sprinkle the glitter over.


Add the magnet strips and decorate your fridge now!





I'm kinda between holidays right now...not ready to take down
the fall decor..but SO ready to bring out the christmas decorations!


Aiko said...

How cute and simple! I've been looking for a simple craft do with my nephews this week, I think this would be perfect!

Adrienne Garcia said...

Thanks, It's a perfect project for the little ones, you can add other object besides glitter, like snowflake stickers!

Anonymous said...

yes what a great idea i think my daughter will defintely enjoy this..i dont know how u log in to leave a comment....becky h