The Reyes Family

Book a photo session with me and I get excited,
I start to envision poses and prop ideas,
I even get a little bit nervous because
I want to make sure I provide you with some awesome pictures!

Well book a session with me after its been like FOREVER since I've seen you, I get even MORE excited. Talk about having history with friends, we go way back when and I love seeing were they are now.

I met Lisa (mom) in my early years, before Eddie (dad) even came in the pictures, I was the 2nd official chaperon when they did start dating, I even went with then to Kohl's when they registered for their wedding (why would they want me there? LOL) and I was a bridesmaid in the wedding. Got to see her pregnant for the first time with Nathaniel (big brother) and not too long after with Samantha (big sister) but then I got married, we both moved church's and I didn't get to see her pregnant with Airyka (Erika) or meet her until this past Saturday.

The Reyes are special people, we'll always have plenty of good memories to keep, so glad they picked me to do their 1st EVER family pictures!













This is only 1/3 of what I took that day...lots of editing to do still. I am working on 4 sessions right now that comes out to about 450 pictures....but having fun all at the same time!

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