Time for Change

I'm in the middle of changing my photography company name and do away with Captured Elegance Photography. The main reason for this change is because when I first started out I thought I'd be doing a lot of weddings but it's not my favorite thing to do anymore. I found my niche and really enjoy family, senior and children portraits the most and it doesn't feel like
Captured Elegance portrays a family photographer.

Picnik collage

I thought it would be fun to get some insight from you ladies (and few gentlemen) on which name I should pick. Please refer to the poll on the right hand side (above the "About me") and submit your vote today!


Anonymous said...

adrienne garcia, adrienne lynn is just funny.

Adrienne Garcia said...

Okay thanks ChristoFFFFERR!!!

Anonymous said...

I think A, or Photography by Adrienne...?
I like Captured Elegance, I don't think it's necessarily a weddingish name. It sounds classy.

Mandie (Amanda Robles)