Sew Cute...

Okay so...I know I haven't really mentioned one of my new hobbies on the blog but now I'm ready to show you what I've been up to. I can't make a dress or anything like that yet, but I can make you a purse pouch! lol. 

This project is for beginners like ME!

I hope you enjoy this Oh SEW cute project!

(yeah I love saying that, so expect to read it again on my next project!)

Select two fabrics: I used left over material from the ottoman and satin material. I traced a book twice so it measures 14x10, but you can make yours any size you prefer.

 Pin down the edges and sew top and bottom

I used pink thread just to make it fun looking.

Fold in half inside out, pin down again so the fabrics sews in place and sew the side edges now.

Once you sewed both side edges trim any left over material.

I decided to use a button to be able to close and open the pouch but I don't really know the current way to make and sew a hole for it so I used my imagination and this is what it looked like.

 Finally turn it outside OUT and sew on the button of your choice and it done!

After I made one, I had to try sewing a pouch with a zipper and I totally did it!

I still have a lot of learning ahead of me, but this is just the beginning of a wonderful friendship with my Sewing Machine.

Thanks Mom for buying the sewing machine for me almost 7 years ago, I bet you knew I would someday need it and use it!

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