Sweetheart Topiary

For this easy breezy project I bought all the supplies at the Dollar Tree Store! My total cost came out to $6.00 (yes, the math is easy since I only bought 6 items!)...so now you know not all projects have to be pricey! You can add stickers or more ribbon to make it look even more festive.

Thank you Marla and Mikey for having me over for the evening! Although it was a little hard having a 3 year old around with so many candies sitting on the table! Mikey would stop by and say "I have one...okay?" LOL. He started with a statement and ended his sentence with a question, but still got NO candy!

Supplies I used:

I glued the foam to the bottom of the pot to make sure it was firm  enough to hold the Topiary.

I wasn't really sure where to start gluing but the middle of the foam looked like a good idea and that worked out for me!

I left a small spot open for the lollipop stick to go through.

I also put glue in that spot to help it stay in place!

Press the bottom part of the lollipop stick into the foam you already glued in the small pot. This part is a little tricky because the Sweetheart ball is a little heavy at this point.

Add the Artificial Moss, this step also 
helped me keep the Sweetheart Ball steady.

Marla's progress...very good!

I added some ribbon and heart stickers that I bought last year after Valentine's day for .49 cents.

They're not too tall, I put the water bottle next to them to show you the height!

Enjoy your weekend!

*Remember I love when people share ideas with me or pictures of projects they've made,
so don't be shy and email me!

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