Valentine's Magnets

Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your week and looking forward to an even better weekend!

This project is kind of a "repeat" of the Christmas project I did with the word JOY. This time around I went with smaller letters and didn't smother the letters in glitter!

Let's get started!

Pick the letters to the word you want to create. (I got stuck with HUGS because Hobby Lobby didn't have the "V" to complete the word LOVE when I went. oh well.)

Remove from package and spray paint back and sides.

Trace out the letters on scrapbook paper and cut.

Glaze one letter at a time with Mod Podge, then place the paper over the glue.

Now glaze the top of the paper too! It will look white at first, but it dries clear. I added a little bit of glitter on this step to just 2 letters.


Let them dry before adding any accents.

I kept the accents simple by adding two satin flowers that I showed how to make HERE

Now just add the magnet strips to the back and display!

Remember yesterday's free download that I posted? Well I printed one of my own in a 5x7 format for a frame I already had
(Thanks Marla). Looks cute to me!

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