Valentine's Weekend

I'm not sure how to sum this up into a short post, but I'll give it a shot! 
I surprised Lawrence this weekend with a stay at  
The Hyatt of Scottsdale
This was the same location he had proposed to me at and I thought how fun to celebrate Valentine's day there. I had to hold this a secret from him for 2 weeks and I was about ready to burst! lol!

I had asked him not to make plans for that Friday and somehow he assumed we were going out to eat. We drove and drove (Scottsdale is pretty far!) and when we reached the entrance of the Hyatt he recognized it right away and says "Awe, you brought us back to were I proposed to you!" and I just smile and said "Yup! This is it!" 

We pulled up and I asked him to drop me off at the front because I was going to check on our reservations while he parked and asked him to pop the truck open so I could get his gift out. (that's what he thought I had put in the truck but it was really our luggage!) It was dark at this point so he didn't see the luggage and besides he wasn't looking since he assumed it was his gift. I walk into the hotel and check us into our room, got the keys and waited for him in the this point he got it, he saw the luggage and I told him "Guess what, we're staying here!" 

We had dinner at the SWB (Southwest Bistro) which is one of the three restaurant on location at the Hyatt and it was SO GOOD!!! I highly recommend this place for any future stay or just to try a nice place to eat! The weather was just right to sit outside next to the fire pit and enjoy our wonderful dinner. 

We had lunch the next day at the same place, Lawrence couldn't get  enough of the Ceviche!


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Aiko said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day Weekend. How sweet, I love the Hyatt too. I try to get out there to eat their Creme Brulee at least once every few months. Love all your pictures!!