Mirror, Mirror on the wall.

Over the past year, I've been collecting different pieces of furniture & items, that are now collecting dust (basically) in the garage but I would like to makeover!!

First: I wanted to make sure I had fully educated myself on the techniques, tricks and ways of painting or spray painting to get the best results.  All Things Thrifty, is one blog that offers plenty of information for this kind of project.
(Click on the icon, for more information.)

Second: Now I need to decide what room the mirror will be going into so that I can pick the perfect color to coordinate.

Third: Get busy and start spray painting, I'll keep you posted on this project.

This Mirror I got from my MIL and will be the first on 
my Project Makeover list.

Isn't it gorgeous?

I Google some ideas and look at how fantastic these turned out.

I'll post the rest of the furniture pieces as I work on them :-) 

I made it.

Like I mentioned before, I've been learning how to sew and so far it's been going pretty good if I do say so myself! lol. I learned a trick from Lily (Hola Amiga!) to trace a skirt in order to make a new one just like it! I guess this is my new shortcut? Until I start to use patterns.

This is how my skirt turned out, I didn't do pictures during the process of making it so I could concentrate.

I used an elastic band instead of a zipper, that's another shortcut!

With the left over material, 
I decided to add a little more to the skirt!

I cut off a piece about 3 inches thick

Folded the ends in and sewed it

Now my strip is about 2 inches thick.

Next I used a "gathering" setting on my sewing machine
to get the strip to ruffle! It's really not a setting, I just turn the nobs all the way to the left!

And carefully sew straight, 
you will see the material gather on it own!
 See how easy that was to gather?

Oh, look who just got home from work!  
(I kinda caught him off guard!)

 With flowers in hand!

I told him over the weekend that I would love to have flower pots full of flowers someday! He saw these and thought of me....
they're so cute and PINK!
 okay back to the skirt!

 Before I pin anything down I layed the fabric strip on the skirt to 
decide what design would look best.

Then I tried it this way too.

I decided to stick with the first option!

Here you can see that I carefully pinned it down to the skirt. Make sure you don't pin the bottom layer along with the top.

still pinning!

Once its secure, you are ready to sew!

I slowly sewed it onto the skirt and here is the result!


Just wondering.

Hello Blog Readers!

Just wanted to say, Thanks for being so supportive these past couple of months by either subscribing or just dropping by the blog to see what's new. I really do appreciate it and I love to hear what you have to say! Lately I've had a younger crowd tell me they've been stopping by to visit, which led me to wonder, what age bracket is my site most interesting to?

So if you would be so kind and select 
which age bracket you fall into on the poll located right above the "About me" section...if your reading this via email, you'll have to click on the title to go directly to my blog!

Here's a good option for a rug that I ran into at Target for Living Room Makeover!
Perfect blend of all the colors I want to accent with...
Valerie and Baby Faith, awe too cute! Faith is our baby cousin and yup she's spoiled and knows it.

*I have a few exciting post for this week, so come back soon :-)

I'm Hired.

Well it's more of an unofficial hire to remodel a living room, bedroom and game room. I started looking for  different ideas online that would suit a single father of 3 grown kids (okay, they're more like young adults!). Men don't (usually) want "girly" colors and funky prints so I feel like this idea will please them!
In this house, the family room is the first room you see when you walk into the house and it's where everyone gathers.

Just to give you an idea of what we're dealing with here: 
Brown Walls
Brown Sofas
Brown Blinds 

He really likes his browns, can you tell? LOL! 

What I want to do is give the room light and character, it should be a fun gathering room, not a room that puts you to sleep.

Suggestions? I want to hear them!

Olivia's Maternity Session

This past weekend I met with Olivia to finally get those maternity pictures done! We've both been looking forward to this session since she first found out she was having a baby! It was nice and sunny day in Verrado (Yes, I'm back at Verrado for this session, what can I say, Everyone loves it!) These are just a few of the pictures that I  took that day, I hope you guys like!

We can't wait to meet Baby Brenton!