For today...

Outside my window…is a parking lot, where my caddy awaits me.

I am thinking…what Lawrence and I should do for our anniversary. I want to reconsider the cruise idea we had, given the current events. Not sure I feel secure on the sea right now! LOL! (We're more then a month away but I like to plan ahead, I'm a planner!)

I am thankful for…my wonderful job! I work with family and I get to carpool so it saves money on gas. I just like that I can be at home here....and I'm boss so that's a bonus! (jk t!)

From the kitchen…From the kitchen? Nothing going on in there, just good old fashion cooking! Okay maybe not. I am just glad the food disposal in working once again.

I am creating…what am I not creating? Let's see, I am going to be re-creating some frames I found at a thrift store, stay tuned for that. I am creating a new skirt for myself. I am creating a few logo designs for church.

I am going…to have a wonderful dinner with the lovely Lily tonight! yay!

I am reading…The Bible, in 365 days! I found the perfect app to help me accomplish this goal "" on top of that I'm supposed to be starting "The Book of Tomorrow" sometime this week.

I am hoping…that families can be reunited in Japan after that horrible earthquake! I'm also hoping that I can accomplish our savings plan and stick to the budget we set together. Lord help us!

I am hearing…My brother and Dad discuss who picked up what loads and who needs to reload asap! (We run a trucking company.)

Around the house... I have a ONE main wall that is still bare and I can't decide what to do with it. Sometimes I sit directly in front of it and envision a photo collage but then the next day I want to add some Z galley art instead...I just can't decide. Meanwhile it will remain bare. 

One of my favorite things…to talk about future plans with my husband, because nothing seems impossible when you make long term plans! I also love to be in a good conversation, whether it be about politics, health, current events, count me in! I just enjoy listening to what others think, even if I don't always agree :-)

A few plans for the rest of the week…Few? Dinners, showers, sewing lessons, photo sessions and doing my cousin's practice hairstyling for her wedding! Awe, fun times!

A picture to share... this is a picture of a quote, hope that counts! I read it and had to share it with you. Situations may come but I hope that you will learn and grow from it. Don't let it all be in vain. Smile, your victory is coming soon!

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