I made it.

Like I mentioned before, I've been learning how to sew and so far it's been going pretty good if I do say so myself! lol. I learned a trick from Lily (Hola Amiga!) to trace a skirt in order to make a new one just like it! I guess this is my new shortcut? Until I start to use patterns.

This is how my skirt turned out, I didn't do pictures during the process of making it so I could concentrate.

I used an elastic band instead of a zipper, that's another shortcut!

With the left over material, 
I decided to add a little more to the skirt!

I cut off a piece about 3 inches thick

Folded the ends in and sewed it

Now my strip is about 2 inches thick.

Next I used a "gathering" setting on my sewing machine
to get the strip to ruffle! It's really not a setting, I just turn the nobs all the way to the left!

And carefully sew straight, 
you will see the material gather on it own!
 See how easy that was to gather?

Oh, look who just got home from work!  
(I kinda caught him off guard!)

 With flowers in hand!

I told him over the weekend that I would love to have flower pots full of flowers someday! He saw these and thought of me....
they're so cute and PINK!
 okay back to the skirt!

 Before I pin anything down I layed the fabric strip on the skirt to 
decide what design would look best.

Then I tried it this way too.

I decided to stick with the first option!

Here you can see that I carefully pinned it down to the skirt. Make sure you don't pin the bottom layer along with the top.

still pinning!

Once its secure, you are ready to sew!

I slowly sewed it onto the skirt and here is the result!



Elisabeth Weber said...

I loved this post about sewing! You did a great job--the skirt turned out so cute. I will definitely try it out and share this post with my friends. Thanks so much. In answer to your previous post, I am 24.

Tanya said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I'll take one, size 10 please!! :)

Adrienne Garcia said...

@elizabeth: thanks! Email me some pictures when you do try it out, i'd love to see!

@tanya: you got it! Lol!