I'm Hired.

Well it's more of an unofficial hire to remodel a living room, bedroom and game room. I started looking for  different ideas online that would suit a single father of 3 grown kids (okay, they're more like young adults!). Men don't (usually) want "girly" colors and funky prints so I feel like this idea will please them!
In this house, the family room is the first room you see when you walk into the house and it's where everyone gathers.

Just to give you an idea of what we're dealing with here: 
Brown Walls
Brown Sofas
Brown Blinds 

He really likes his browns, can you tell? LOL! 

What I want to do is give the room light and character, it should be a fun gathering room, not a room that puts you to sleep.

Suggestions? I want to hear them!


Anonymous said...

i like the last picture it gives it a cozy fun place to hang out_BeckyH

Anonymous said...

He likes brown, that's an AWESOME color to work with, but to add a little personality, and FUN, add splashes of color here and there to liven it up a bit . . 1 or 2 Orange pillows, Colorful candles. Brown with a small splash of blue can brighten it up. yet still be masculine . Keeps it simple but gives it some fun too. .
IDEA: Maybe a cream wall, a slightly darker brown accent wall, a DARK brown couch, and 1 or 2 blue pillows ??? Green or orange candles ??? Throw a fun color into the mix.
A game room is supposed to be a FUN room.. Maybe make room a little louder in color than the others.. Just some different things to think about.. :) ~TJ

Adrienne Garcia said...

Thanks Becky! I like the how the colors stand out in that picture!

Adrienne Garcia said...

Tj: I was thinking the same thing, of changing the walls to a creamy color! Its way too dark in that room that it puts you to sleep! Thanks for sharing your ideas with me :-)

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about Brown & Green for my Jr. Boys Sunday School Room.. I think this might have just sealed the deal! Thx Age. -PJ