Weekend Recap.

I downloaded a new Camera App on my Epic,
so I then took pictures of everything!

My Caddy, such a faithful companion!

Cheap gas! I have to wait in line for these prices!

So sad to see Borders closing, we had so many good times with my family here. We'd all pick a book and meet in the cafe to read or just chat.

Took advantage of the sale and bought a new book. The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern.
(Writer of P.S. I love you)

Rearranged the Family Room, made space for a new idea I have in mind. I'll post pictures once I figure it out! LOL!

Organized the Hobby Room.
Put up some new plaques in the hobby room.

Dinner with my man!


Happy Birthday to Larry!

Opening his gifts!

Got some shades! The heat is coming!

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