Time to Celebrate!

My three day weekend officially starts in about....2 hours! Yay! I'm so excited to be heading out of town for the weekend with my
Love Bug!

(The year we got engaged on Our Annual Family Vacation)

I like preparing for trips and I start by booking a room by naming my own price on priceline.com, mapping how far a restaurant is from the hotel, searching for coupons or discounts and packing for two.

See you soon!

Damask Wedding.

 It's all trail and error when trying to design something from scratch. You'll eventually get it right and make the client happy but sometimes the process can be long! lol. These two projects below are for a friends wedding that has a sofisticated style that I love.

First Project: Table Numbers

Second Project: Water Bottle labels

Happy Anniversary Love.

I would like to start by thanking God for the privilege to have had His hand over my life and for giving me the wisdom to follow it and marry the man that He intended for me. All I ever desired in life was to serve the Lord, to allow all my talents and abilities to be used to it's fullest and I prayed that I could marry a man with the same desires. 

Ultimately we are all called to serve, whether it be in outreach, teaching, singing and preaching,  being obedient to that calling is what keeps the blessing coming. Together we have been able to help at our local church more then I had imagined and I absolutely love it.

Today is Our Second Wedding Anniversary and I am blessed to have such a great friend & husband by my side. He knows how to make me laugh, he can brighten my cloudy day and make me feel safe in his arms. He is a praying husband and for that I am extremely grateful.

I love you today, tomorrow and for always!

(One paragraph turned into a speech, 
but I enjoy writing speeches so I guess I couldn't resist.)

After looking at these pictures, I think it's time to lose the newlywed pounds! LOL.