Fabric Flower.

Leopard Print Flower

 Material is about 5 inches thick so there is plenty of room to work with. I used a plastic cup to trace my circles. Its a good size for the flower I wanted to make.
Trace about 8 circles
 Then cut them out neatly.

 I always use felt as the base for flowers and this time I used the bottom of the cup to trace my circle.

Grab one circle at a time and fold in half.

Fold the half again, so that's two half folds!

Sew the tip to the middle of the felt fabric. Just loop through 2 or 3 times with the thread and needle.

Repeat the same steps for the other circles.

Until it looks something like this.

When you add second layer, overlap them so that you don't see any of the black felt.

I used a regular button that I covered with the Leopard material and glue it on.

Now you can add it to your outfit!

I actually made this flower for Tennille, 
she needed one to complete her outfit.


Brianna said...

Hi There!
Very cute project :)
I saw a comment you left over on TomKatStudios blog about attending Creative Estates Conference this weekend. I am not sure if your still looking for a ticket but I have one and I am unable to attend. I would hate for it to go to waste so I am hoping someone can pick it up! I am willing to part with it for 75.00!
If you are interested please let me know
Brianna Kim

Mary Frances said...

Do you think it would be possible to do this without sewing and just a glue gun??? I CANNOT SEW!!!

Adrienne Garcia said...

Yes you can do it with just a glue gun! I would probably glue each layer as you fold the circles then you can just glue the tip to the felt fabric! Maybe I can redo this same post with those directions! lol