I heart lunch time.

Sometimes meals like this remind me of grade school days, trading snacks with our friends, disfiguring our food until it makes us laugh...I kinda like those memories so lunch is fun today!

Do you see the "JUST 10" on the pouch? That means there's just 10 calories...also that's usually a sign for less sugar! Only 2g of sugar in this pouch compared to the regular Minute Maid that has 20g of sugar and 100 calories. I watch my sugar intake and now enjoy reading labels. (weird hobby, I know. lol)

short post.

random facts.

the end.


Mary Frances said...

Heeeey girl!!! I know your really crafty and stuff, I thought you might be interested in advertising your stuff on ispy4shoppers.blogspot.com I'm workin for the creator of the blog, Kristy Cooper from Bro. Wiley's church, she is the sweetest thing EVER!!! AnywayZ, its basically a way to promote your stuff by commiting to do a giveaway a couple of times a year anywayZ, I just thought it might be something your interested in cuz your like REALLY talented!!! :)

Mary Frances said...

Oh one more thing...you should consider teach like a craft project class once a month or something. Like the flowers or I saw the letters you did with the girls at youth retreat. Like $10-15 a class and it covers the cost of the project I would sooo be there!!! Just a thought!!! :)

Adrienne Garcia said...

Thank you for the referal to that site your helping with, I'll stop by and take a look. Only thing is that I don't usually make stuff to do giveaways for :-/

hahaha, I have been told the same thing before. I would love to host a class...I just wasn't sure anyone would sign up lol...thanks for the idea...i might just do that!

Mary Frances said...

If you do it I'll promote!!! I know I could get people to do it with me!!! :)