I'm Hired...Update.

No I'm not fired (yet) lol. I've just been collecting all my ideas to present to my client in the most professional way I can possibly do it, so we haven't started anything yet.

Here is a picture so you can see what I'm working with!

I must have half-Alzheimer's because in this post I said that I didn't take pictures of the steps to make a straight skirt...but while looking thought my camera... I found these!!! lol.

This is the material I used.

You can see the skirt I use to trace my new pattern. I left maybe an inch extra on the sides for the seam. Make sure you fold the material and trace the skirt on the FOLD!

This is what the pieces looked like once I cut them.

Next I just pinned them together and sewed straight down, added elastic and sewed the bottom too!

I know these instructions aren't very specific, so you can email me if you need more help!

That's how I made it.

What's for lunch today?
 I promise I'm not on a diet. This is just how I like to eat!

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