Pleated Fabric Flower

I found a new way to create a fabric flower! My next goal is to make flowers using only a glue gun for those that don't like the sewing too much. That way you can still create your own designs!

Before we get started I just wanted to say that crafting doesn't need to hurt your wallet. Try looking for sales first, wait for items to go on sale, save all extra button that comes with new clothes, use printable coupons. 

Check out your local Dollar Tree store for great idea that cost you $1 like this case and needles!!! (I know $1 is a given)

  Glue guns are usually under $2.99 plus you can use a 40% off coupon at hobby lobby and pay just $1.79

If you have a small project like a fabric flower, try buying just 4 inches of fabric. (The minimum you can buy is 2 inches, I asked!) That means that you can come out paying less then a dollar for enough material to make your project!

Use regular household items for storage instead of paying for the fancy stuff to store your supplies.

Last tip, don't over spend and buy stuff because they're cute. LOL. I used to do that when I first started crafting and ended up giving it away or losing them over the years! lol (What a regret!)

Don't end up like this picture above with more supplies then you can handle! lol.

Buying craft supplies is just like grocery shopping, unless you have a list you will start to buy random items, stick to the project you have in mind and you will save yourself a lot of money.
(Unless saving isn't your thing, in that case I would say go for it!)

Happy Shopping!

How to make a pleated fabric flower

Last but no least I wanted to share my new motto!

A Baby changes everything.

Congrats to the soon to be mommy and daddy!

We will see you soon Baby Daniel.

Amy Butler

A couple weeks back Lawrence and I stopped at Barnes and Noble with two different purposes. I was on a new found mission to read all that I could on sewing and Lawrence had no mission but to sit back and read all about the Camaro.

It's funny because we've spent many hours at this book store in the past and this was my very first time in the Sewing Book section. I was in AWE at how much information I found in this little section and then I fall in love with this book...

Amy Butler is so fresh, colorful and simple with style. I really like how it's everyday items like purses, wallets, laptop cases, pillow cases and so on.
Maybe...just maybe, this inspires you to pick up one of Amy's patterns next time your out shopping.

Not just a Jar.

Hello Everyone, I know it's Tuesday but I hope everyone had a great weekend! So how many of you like to save your spaghetti sauce jars? ME! I usually like to save the glass jars because in the back of my mind I always have a future plan for them. I think these jars sat in my pantry for a year because for once I couldn't think of a "future" project for them until now!

Make sure the jars are nice and clean.

Get some rock, I always buy mine at Dollar Tree Store.

Find some flowers to use. I bought this at Joann's last year during their spring if you don't have any flowers to work with just wait for the sales!

Use wire cutters to remove 4 stems.

Add an even amount of rock accents and a flower stem to each jar and then YOUR ALL DONE!

That's all it took!

To me they add a spring time look to the kitchen!

These pictures would of been better with daylight but like always I am up late doing night time projects! What can I say, my clock is on the wrong dial and I probably should of been in bed at this hour!