Not just a Jar.

Hello Everyone, I know it's Tuesday but I hope everyone had a great weekend! So how many of you like to save your spaghetti sauce jars? ME! I usually like to save the glass jars because in the back of my mind I always have a future plan for them. I think these jars sat in my pantry for a year because for once I couldn't think of a "future" project for them until now!

Make sure the jars are nice and clean.

Get some rock, I always buy mine at Dollar Tree Store.

Find some flowers to use. I bought this at Joann's last year during their spring if you don't have any flowers to work with just wait for the sales!

Use wire cutters to remove 4 stems.

Add an even amount of rock accents and a flower stem to each jar and then YOUR ALL DONE!

That's all it took!

To me they add a spring time look to the kitchen!

These pictures would of been better with daylight but like always I am up late doing night time projects! What can I say, my clock is on the wrong dial and I probably should of been in bed at this hour!

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