Vacation Time.

Our 3 day weekend started in Anaheim where we had tickets to watch and dine at the "Pirates Adventure Dinner."

It's the same concept as "Medieval Times" except, yup you guessed it, its all about Pirates! The whole time I kept humming
"We are the pirates that don't do anything..." from Veggie Tales!

Next stop was Downtown Disney

 Notice Mickey is very plain? I guess they sell him that way so you can color, paint and decorate him however YOU decide.

Saturday Morning we got up early and headed down south to San Diego! Woo hoo! We LOVE San Diego! First stop was
Sea World!  

 (Notice the Seal was ready to pose with Lawrence?)
(But not with me! LOL) 

Bye Shamu, evil looking sharks, cute little penguins!
Next day we hit a few of our favorite spots like, Seaport Village, Anthony's Fish Grotto and Old Town.

I rediscovered a new favorite store at Seaport. I'm sure I've walked into this store before but for some reason I was so fascinated by it as if it was the first time!

This was too funny!

Our Hotel View was beautiful! I got a great deal at the
Manchester Grand Hyatt, which is located next to Seaport.
It was not our first stay at this hotel, but one I definitely looked forward to.

Our hotel view.

There was a wedding in the Pool Area! It looked very classy but poor guest were in the sun the whole time!

 Downtown San Diego
 The San Diego Bay

 Seaport Village at night.

Time to pack up and head home!

We'll be back in 2 months. I told ya we love it there!

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