All done!

I would say that we have been working on the Alumni Banquet for GCA three times a week for the past month. It was a lot of work and just like any event I've coordinated in the past, it takes time and a great team to get it DONE! I couldn't have accomplished it all alone, so I have to give a HUGE

Thank you

to the ladies that took time out of their schedule to put this banquet together.

Kelly, Nikki, Lily, Keri, Teresa...

and Olivia, who also helped me out so much!

More pictures of the banquet to come next week!

 On another note, Vacation starts in 24 hours and we are San Diego bound! Woo hoo! I'm very excited about this trip because we have 4 more friends, 2 more uncles, 1 more aunt, 4 more cousins and even my Grandma that is joining the group of our Annual San Diego trip this year! Want to know the total....okay I'll tell you, it's 24 of us!

Have a safe 4th of July weekend!

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