Beauty Secrets 101

I'm no expert when it comes to beauty secrets but I do have a few tips to share that I've picked up along the way. These are all items I've been using  for many years now, so I know they work. (Wow, saying many years makes me feel old. lol). Creating good habits may take some time and if done correctly it shouldn't become an extra chore but just a casual daily habit like brushing your teeth.

1. Washing you face is key to having clean and clear skin. I use this product 4 times a week and the easiest way to include it in my daily schedule is to apply while in the shower. You can feel the difference in your skin right away, it will feel smooth.

2. Many times my cuticles dry up and then I end up with yucky nails too but ever since I started rubbing my nails with Burt's Bees I've really seen a difference. It even helps my nails grow faster and stronger. No joke! Try applying while your a passenger in the car or right before bedtime at least 3 times a week. It only takes a few minutes and this won't take more time out of your already busy schedule.
3. We must protect our hair from daily pollutions and I really like using Olive Oil for that. It makes the hair shiny and soft. 

You can also try using the real Olive Oil, warm it up, apply and comb it through your hair, wrap with a towel for 15-30 mins then wash your hair like normal.

 4. It's summer time and that usually means "flip flop" season, so to get your feet ready try using a foot scrub or foot moisturizer. I like to apply a moisturizer before bedtime and put some soaks over them to help the cream stay on my feet. This give the moisturizer a better chance of soaking into your feet and not rubbing off by you walking around.
5. I've been waxing my own eye browns since high school with Sally Hansen Wax Kit. It's just strips that you can cut with scissors to fit the area you are waxing, peel the strips apart and apply to skin. It doesn't hurt and isn't messy like other kits that you have to microwave and melt.

6. These pore strips are the best! Ever since I discovered the Biore nose strips, I never looked back. They are easy to apply and you can see the results...literally (gross? yeah it kinda is). Just make sure to wash your face and rinse with warm water to help open those pores before using the strips. Once your done, rise your face with cold water to close the pores, it helps limit the black heads coming back as quickly. Try this once a week.

If you have any hand dandy ideas of your own to share, let me know! I loved to hear what you do to keep your skin, hair and nails looking nice!

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