Growing Baby.

Do you remember this session? Mommy and Daddy to be were so excited to meet their baby boy after so many years.

In the month of June, their adorable son was born and everyone was ecstatic for the new parents.

Now he's growing and growing everyday and still as adorable as the first day! Some say he looks like Mom...others say he look like dad....I really can't tell just yet! lol. None the less, he's been a blessing from the Lord.

Another Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mother In Law.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with family to celebrate.

May the Lord continue to bless her!

M and M

Happy Birthday to two very special people in our lives, Mikey and his mama Marla! They both celebrated this weekend with a Mickey and Minnie mouse party. For this birthday celebration Marla asked for some pictures to use and so we met at a nice park with a perfect sunset. I can't believe how quick this little boy has grown up...can't we keep them small forever?

Sweet Dreams.

I'm editing two session to share with you this week.

Yo-Yo Flowers

As promised, I put together a few examples of what you can create using the Yo-Yo Makers. All I did is buy fabric that would fit the circle of the maker and 12 inches worked. That means that I paid less then $2 and with that piece of fabric I am able to make up to 6 flowers.
In this project I added feathers that I also bough at hobby lobby.

I still need to add a button to finish this Red Polka dot flower.

*Taking pictures of yourself is difficult!