Extra, Extra...

I just wanted to share one of our favorite spots in San Diego.

They have a unique line of desserts that are...extraordinary!
(To say the least)

On  Bakerella blog today, she posted about a cupcake bakery and sweet shop called Miette. Well I was going through my pictures to post and look at the book on the self, I didn't even pick it up while I was there.  Miette's is located in San Fransisco, maybe on our next vacation, we can stop there.

This guy is funny, he asked a bunch of questions on the different desserts, he went back on fourth looking at the display, he even asked for a menu (you can do a sit down or to go at this place) at then end he left with a chocolate chip cookie!

Look what I took home! It even came with a Mango and Raspberry dipping sauce that was SO good!

Pricey? Yes, it's a little pricey but we only visit this place once a year so it's worth the cost!


Lau's said...

hi! I work just 2 blocks away from that AMAZING place! Love all their desserts! - nice pictures!

Adrienne said...

You are lucky,because you live in SD, you have the best weather!!! Do you visit it often for desserts?

Lau's said...

oh yes, we go there very often. WE find any excuse to go!!! Their sandwiches are good too!