Last week I bought two tickets to the SEALIFE Aquarium in Tempe on Groupon. I bet if you're linked to the Phoenix Groupon, you saw that deal of 2 tickets for $20. 

On our way we stopped for lunch first and now that I think of it, we didn't pick the appropriate place given our next destination! 
Joe's Crab Shack! LOL.

This is the third aquarium I've visited, so if you ask me, they're all pretty much the same. It's fun to go if it's your first time or just to see what a new exhibit is all about. I enjoy reading the facts and understanding how life grows under the sea. 

It is so fascinating that these creatures are all in the same habitat, procreating, traveling the world by sea, on a daily mission to find food in order to survive with NO brains! (Okay, for the most part.) Yet, they have the knowledge built into them to know exactly what to do to survive. Amazing. Only God, could create such a thing like that.

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Mary~Elizabeth Bafford said...

Thanks BFF! It's seriously so much fun! Ha ha I can show them 2 u at church 2night, but I WILL find that cord so I can share my dazzling outfit with everybody;)