The Gift that keeps giving!

                                      My early birthday gift.

The bicycle is a curious vehicle.  
Its passenger is its engine.  
~John Howard

It's official....

The 30 day countdown to my birthday starts today! Woo hoo! Can you tell I'm excited about this? I already got an early birthday gift, but then I got to thinking, if you don't get the gift on your birthday then how can it be an early gift, it should just be considered a gift, right? I shared this thought with Lawrence and convinced him of my theory, so now I have more gifts to request. LOL. I'll post pictures to share what the "wanna be" early birthday gift was :-)

Anyone else glad that fall has arrived?

Okay...okay, so the office could use a little more orange. 

I love it!

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Sesma Family

One day before being put on lock down...I mean bed rest, I had the privilege of meet with Teresa and her family for a last minute family session. I'm so gad we were able to make time to meet!