Memory Lane

Last week Tennille was working on a church slide show that had to do with her church history (that used to be my home church) and while doing so she used plenty of my pictures since I used to be the unofficial "photographer" of the church. 

I went through lots of pictures that brought back memories. Now I miss my home church, no matter how long it's been or how far away I feel from it, it's always close to my heart. 

That's where I got baptized, where I got the holy ghost, where I went from a junior to a young person, where I taught as a Sunday school teacher, where I mentored young ladies, where I got my testimony, where I started my (almost) 5 year long courtship with Lawrence, where I got engaged and finally where my Pastor put me in the hands of a new Pastor.

It was home. 

I miss home today. 

Just a few pictures to share that I had with me...
My Sunday School Class 2006 (All girls!)

My last family camp in 2008

The District Youth Choir (I'm on the back room, last one on the right)

Now I have a new home and it's way bigger so finally after almost 2 years I home! Thanks to my great friends for helping me make it home! I really do appreciate you all because being "new" isn't as easy as it looks. 

Love, Adrienne


Mary~Elizabeth Bafford said...

Awww BFF I remember when we used to IM and e-mail when u were first married. Ha ha you had questions about everything! lol I'm so glad u moved here tho! Love u:)

Adrienne said...

Omw! That's so true! I was always worried of doing something wrong for whatever reason. Thanks for being one of those great friends! Love ya!!!!