My Golden Birthday.

As of last night it didn't feel like today would be my birthday, maybe because I already celebrated with my family on Sunday? That must be it! lol. Well...looks like today I am Twenty-Six years old whether I like it or not. 

I've decided to set some goals that I want to accomplish by this time next year. I'll share a few ideas I have in mind, complete an entire scrapbook (I've started a few in the past but never finished them), take more photography classes, buy a home, go on a cruise and climb Mount Everest! Just kidding on the last one.

Thanks to those who put my birthday dinner together,
it was awesome and I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

P.S. I loved all my gifts, looks like you guys know me pretty well!

 The iPad had enter me into quite the elite group! LOL!!!!!

Love, the twenty six year old Adrienne!


How can I put all this in a nutshell? My Brother is basically starting his own freight brokerage company. The company is now licensed, insured, bonded and almost ready to go. All that was left was getting some marketing material ready and that's where I step in. I created a logo and a simple business card to get him started.

Finally the shipment arrived today...Check it out!

You probably noticed the cards say Jon instead of Chris. Let me explain, my dad also goes by the name Chris and at work it got annoying trying to explain who was who when they call and asked for Chris. Therefore Chris (my brother) decided to drop his first name at work and go by his middle name. Easier to identify who's who now. lol.

Pre Order

I am so eager to share some exciting news....aah....I'm literally screaming inside out of excitement! LOL!
Okay...taking a deep breath. This is my one spontaneous buy of the year!

I officially (Pre) ordered the NEW...sleek...TALENTED...Silhouette Cameo!!!!

The Silhouette Cameo is an electronic cutting tool that connects to your home computer just like a printer.  However, rather than printing images, the Silhouette cuts out designs and text.

 (Below are samples of it's talent)

I {heart} Cameo already!

*My package is supposed to arrive early November...fingers crossed that it does come in on time!

It's almost here...again!

In exactly ONE week you will be looking at an older and wiser, Adrienne.

My wish list this year is very specific and simple for my husband, I NEED my car detailed! It's not even that I want it, but I really need my carpet washed and the seats cleaned. I can't wait to sit in my clean car! You see I'm making wiser decisions already, asking for the things I need and not the things I want.

Today I got a few emails with free birthday goodies from Mimi's Cafe, Arby's, Chilli's and a free car wash at Full Circle Car Wash! That last one is the best.  (big smile) I also know I can have a free grand slam at Denny's, a scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robins and a free entree at Spaghetti Factory.

Below is the posting from last year when I turned 25.

It came and it left, just like that, I went to sleep as a twenty four year old and woke up as a twenty five year old! LOL! I can't believe how quickly my life is passing by. Celebration started early this month with a joint dinner for Lawrence and I since we both turned 25 this year. Sunday my In-Laws had a dinner for me and I got some very nice gift that day and yesterday I took the day off to RELAX. That was my gift to MYSELF! I didn't have to rush, didn't have to fight traffic, or make calls at work, just got to do whatever I wanted. Had a late breakfast, went shopping, stopped at Starbucks for a Passion Fruit Lemonade, upgraded my phone, and had a wonderful dinner at PF Chang's.

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

4th of July...say what?

This posting is way over due by three months now but someone kept reminding me that I hadn't posted it so here you go "someone." Our fourth of July trip was fun as always and every year we look forward to the next. Who knows what the next vacation will bring along or who will be added to the group. One thing I have learned is not to try booking a room downtown. The parking prices are outrageous, we had to pay an additional $35 a night to park in a tiny garage. BTW, they didn't say that while we were booking the rooms and it sure wasn't a 4 star hotel. Sneaky people!

Hotel View

Every time my Mom went to Starbucks, she'd take Mikey along and would tell him "Let's go get coffee." Apparently Mikey assumed he was also drinking coffee (It was actually Hot Chocolate) and each day was requesting to stop at Starbucks for COFFEE! 

Birch Aquarium

Beach Time!

Valerie being a beach bum!

Seaport Village, Old Town and more...

The outlets, we have a tradition of making a quick stop here in hopes of getting lucky with some good deals!

Mikey had some moves he wanted to express!

On our way home my mom's tahoe got a blow out!

He is an aspiring Trucker and loves all trucks! Turns our he got into the right family since we own a trucking company ourselves! lol. He kept looking at the Tow truck driver like he was a super hero!

As we drove behind the truck, Mikey said "I want a tow truck, OK!" It wasn't a question, more of a statement.