4th of July...say what?

This posting is way over due by three months now but someone kept reminding me that I hadn't posted it so here you go "someone." Our fourth of July trip was fun as always and every year we look forward to the next. Who knows what the next vacation will bring along or who will be added to the group. One thing I have learned is not to try booking a room downtown. The parking prices are outrageous, we had to pay an additional $35 a night to park in a tiny garage. BTW, they didn't say that while we were booking the rooms and it sure wasn't a 4 star hotel. Sneaky people!

Hotel View

Every time my Mom went to Starbucks, she'd take Mikey along and would tell him "Let's go get coffee." Apparently Mikey assumed he was also drinking coffee (It was actually Hot Chocolate) and each day was requesting to stop at Starbucks for COFFEE! 

Birch Aquarium

Beach Time!

Valerie being a beach bum!

Seaport Village, Old Town and more...

The outlets, we have a tradition of making a quick stop here in hopes of getting lucky with some good deals!

Mikey had some moves he wanted to express!

On our way home my mom's tahoe got a blow out!

He is an aspiring Trucker and loves all trucks! Turns our he got into the right family since we own a trucking company ourselves! lol. He kept looking at the Tow truck driver like he was a super hero!

As we drove behind the truck, Mikey said "I want a tow truck, OK!" It wasn't a question, more of a statement.

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