My Golden Birthday.

As of last night it didn't feel like today would be my birthday, maybe because I already celebrated with my family on Sunday? That must be it! lol. Well...looks like today I am Twenty-Six years old whether I like it or not. 

I've decided to set some goals that I want to accomplish by this time next year. I'll share a few ideas I have in mind, complete an entire scrapbook (I've started a few in the past but never finished them), take more photography classes, buy a home, go on a cruise and climb Mount Everest! Just kidding on the last one.

Thanks to those who put my birthday dinner together,
it was awesome and I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

P.S. I loved all my gifts, looks like you guys know me pretty well!

 The iPad had enter me into quite the elite group! LOL!!!!!

Love, the twenty six year old Adrienne!


darlene payan said...

Happy Birthday, dear! I am glad you have a birthday post. Woohoo, 26! Love ya, Sis. Darlene

Mary Frances said...

Awwwww Happy Birrrthday!!! 26 ain't really THAT old you know!!! ;) Congrats on the iPad!!! Was that from your hubby??? Btw- if you EVERRRR need someone to practice your photography on...I am ALWAYS ready to smile and pose!!! :))))