Still here.

Guess who decided to stand next to a pallet of Tupperware at Walmart for 30mins?! lol. I have never shopped on black Friday before and especially not at Walmart because people say it's dangerous. This year Lawrence really wanted to go to try and get his hands on a $30 video game, so I tagged along with Tennille, David, Chris, Leonor and Andrea! (I figured we'd be safe traveling in a group.)

I stood with Leonor at the Tupperware...waited...and 9:55 they released them and I took 4 boxes and headed to the check out lane. I was first in line and out of there by 10pm. Wow! If you ask me...I'd do it again next year, it was quick and easy but the key is to get there early. lol.

These are going to make nice Christmas gifts.

Fall Banner

Good Morning! Today is a good day, it's full of endless possibilities that you are completely in control of. You can choose to make today a great day, a successful day, a day of new beginnings, a day to start a new hobby, a new diet, or a new train a thought! Be kind to those around you, reach out to those who need help, be a shoulder to lean on to a friend, just be a good steward today. Today God has given you another chance to make things right. A day to repent. A day to appreciate because yesterday could of been our last.

I'm working on the schools bulletin board again, this time it's a fall theme. Just wanted to share a sneak peak of what I will be doing. I bought some burlap material and ribbon at Joann's, cut the words using the Cameo all for less then $3.50.

Stay tuned to see the final results!

Little Pig.

Dear Eshie.

I love you little.

I love you BIG.

I love you like a little pig.

A friendly inside joke. Isn't this little pig adorable.

Gift Tags

I downloaded a gift tag design since the holiday season will be begging for them and I usually buy a pack anyways! I went through my box of paper (it's heavy, full and slides neatly under my bed) to find anything that resembled Christmas or the Holidays and I found one! Blue is not a favorite color for me, but my better half loves blue with all his heart. lol.(typical guy right?)

I wanted to share a few steps to show anyone interested in buying a Cameo how easy it is to use.

You can select to make as many as you can fit in a 12x12 page.

Project #1

Silhouette America, has an online store where you can download cut outs, tags, cards, designs etc. for your projects. I found a Christmas card that I wanted to buy for only $.99 and I can use it how I want, how many times I want because it's in my library now.

I placed the paper of my choice onto the cutting mat that is sticky to help it stay in place. The sticky stuff doesn't get on that paper though.

 This is what I want it to cut.

Here it is cutting away! 

Once it's done cutting, all I do is peel paper from the edge of the mat.

Ta-daa! It's cut perfect. 

Now I want to cut the Christmas card I downloaded. I set it up on my screen to the size I want it to be and send to Cameo to cut.

This is how it turned out.

All I did was add the square I cut out with the green paper to the inside and this is where I would write my greeting.

This cut out is another option too.

This first project gave me a chance to understand how the Cameo works a little more. I made a big mistake at first because I don't usually like to read manuals or instructions and that resulted in my cutting mat getting CUT in the wrong spot where there was NO paper. oh boy. After that I pulled out that instruction book and it was so simple, I could of prevented that mistake. Lesson Learned!!!!

It's MINE!

Yesterday I got an email update that my package was in transit for delivery! It was like Christmas morning all over again!!! 

The Cameo is all mine. I can't wait to get started on projects.

I installed the software, it's very similar to other design programs so I feel familiar with it already.  

And you want to know what one of my first projects will be?

I will be creating something similar to this for someone special! All I have to do now is wait for the Vinyl to arrive so we can start working on it!  Woo hoo!


FREE thanksgiving printable here

Wedding Shower

This past weekend my In-Laws hosted a wedding shower for the Groom and Bride to be! Every thing turned out so nice, all the special touches and the great food! Loved it all! Now we have the official wedding count down going...less then ONE month away! Time flies!!!!!

These vases are the same ones I used for Youth Valentines banquet and Alumni Banquet. All we did here is wrap them with Zebra print wrapping paper. Nifty huh?

This zebra matching idea was planned...good times!!