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Good Morning! Today is a good day, it's full of endless possibilities that you are completely in control of. You can choose to make today a great day, a successful day, a day of new beginnings, a day to start a new hobby, a new diet, or a new train a thought! Be kind to those around you, reach out to those who need help, be a shoulder to lean on to a friend, just be a good steward today. Today God has given you another chance to make things right. A day to repent. A day to appreciate because yesterday could of been our last.

I'm working on the schools bulletin board again, this time it's a fall theme. Just wanted to share a sneak peak of what I will be doing. I bought some burlap material and ribbon at Joann's, cut the words using the Cameo all for less then $3.50.

Stay tuned to see the final results!

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Mary~Elizabeth Bafford said...

I'm so glad you do that now... The Home Ec girls always got stuck with doing the boards lol