Project #1

Silhouette America, has an online store where you can download cut outs, tags, cards, designs etc. for your projects. I found a Christmas card that I wanted to buy for only $.99 and I can use it how I want, how many times I want because it's in my library now.

I placed the paper of my choice onto the cutting mat that is sticky to help it stay in place. The sticky stuff doesn't get on that paper though.

 This is what I want it to cut.

Here it is cutting away! 

Once it's done cutting, all I do is peel paper from the edge of the mat.

Ta-daa! It's cut perfect. 

Now I want to cut the Christmas card I downloaded. I set it up on my screen to the size I want it to be and send to Cameo to cut.

This is how it turned out.

All I did was add the square I cut out with the green paper to the inside and this is where I would write my greeting.

This cut out is another option too.

This first project gave me a chance to understand how the Cameo works a little more. I made a big mistake at first because I don't usually like to read manuals or instructions and that resulted in my cutting mat getting CUT in the wrong spot where there was NO paper. oh boy. After that I pulled out that instruction book and it was so simple, I could of prevented that mistake. Lesson Learned!!!!

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