Still here.

Guess who decided to stand next to a pallet of Tupperware at Walmart for 30mins?! lol. I have never shopped on black Friday before and especially not at Walmart because people say it's dangerous. This year Lawrence really wanted to go to try and get his hands on a $30 video game, so I tagged along with Tennille, David, Chris, Leonor and Andrea! (I figured we'd be safe traveling in a group.)

I stood with Leonor at the Tupperware...waited...and 9:55 they released them and I took 4 boxes and headed to the check out lane. I was first in line and out of there by 10pm. Wow! If you ask me...I'd do it again next year, it was quick and easy but the key is to get there early. lol.

These are going to make nice Christmas gifts.

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