Hello, lately I have been such a boring blogger and also a busy one but with other stuff.  Today I thought I'd at least post an update on life. For my birthday I got a really nice red photo album that I decided to use for my wedding pictures. After 2 years and six months (yes the month's count) I finally put my wedding pictures in chronological order into their permanent home!

I had a great birthday last week and just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their special birthday wishes and cards. Especially to my husband for taking a half day from work to take me out for lunch, shopping and spend the day with me.
P.S. I was having phone problems for half of the day on my birthday. If you text me and didn't get a reply, it's probably because my phone was shut off at that time and I might of not received your message. Sorry! 

One more update, I have joined a handmade 
gift exchange that is sponsored by  
Craftaholics Anonymous

HOW IT WORKS: after you sign up, she will send you an email with your partner’s mailing info and email address.  you will then make and send a gift to your partner, who in return, will make and send something to you.

If your interested in joining, go HERE and sign up before November 7th

I've already been assigned a partner and got in contact with her all the way from New York.

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