The Christmas season is now over and it feels like the day came and went so quick. I hope everyone had a blessed weekend with their loved ones. I on the other hand is still enjoying my time off!!! I love time off from work!!!

Cowgirl Val!

Yesterday my sis and I got together to do a western, cowgirl, urban styled session. I had a cotton field in mind that I had driven by on my way to her house but right before turning the corner to her drive way I saw that their neighbors had horses. How could we not do it near the horses? It worked out great, better then I thought! I really like the way this session turned out too, even thought she's just too much sometimes!

(Couldn't decide which picture I liked better so I added both.)

This is just a few, I might share more later since I really liked the style of this session.

Have a super day!!!

Cinnamon Candle

Want a simple idea to dress up the holidays? 
Okay, here you go! 

Supplies Needed

I bought these Cinnamon sticks at Micheal's and I cracked each one to fit the size of the candle. Glue each  stick to the candle, one by one. 

It should look something like this and now your ready to embellish it.

Add some ribbon by gluing it to the back side. 

And now add all the extras you like to.

They smell great too!

The Bafford Family

Glad I got to help the Bafford Family get these pictures done just in time for the holidays.

Glendale Glitters

What a nice way to start the Christmas Countdown.