Happy Birthday Mom.

December always brings along more then one birthday in our family and today is my Mom's birthday. She is the reason I am creative, because I learned from her. One of the things I am most grateful for is that she always allowed me to be who I am.

If I wanted to paint my room yellow, she let me, if I wanted to do my own hair, she let me. I was allowed to be myself and express my personality, through the years this is what helped me know who I am and appreciate it. 

She is one of the strongest woman I will ever know. I couldn't share her story so publicly but all I can say is that not many people could endure what she did and come out the other side of the storm stronger. 

Mom, I think you are smart, beautiful and brave. I hope you never lose the courage you have gained and I hope that all your dreams come true in the following year.

Love, your favorite daughter.

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